The big update.

Its been nearly three months since I wrote a blog post, and I am sure you are all wondering how our second placement went. The last three months have been absolutely hectic and they have flown by in a whirlwind. We are gradually getting used to our family of four and getting comfortable with new routines. It hasn’t been a walk in the park, but we are getting there. We have had many fantastic moments and some dam difficult ones.

I have lots to update you on, but some topics definitely deserve their own posts. Like……the actual placement day.

So for now I’ll keep it light and general…..


Our daughter! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Our beautiful little girl, Kaycey is nearly six months old and she has been with us for nearly three months. She has a sweet, soft personality and she is also a very happy child. She smiles A LOT and is rarely in a bad mood. Physically, she is very strong and I think she is going to be mobile sooner than later. She sat with assistance at 3 and a half months and can now sit up perfectly by herself. She is also moving herself forward on her tummy and can balance on her knees and hands in a crawling position. We reckon she will be crawling soon, which is a bit daunting because once she is on the move ……….we run!

We started solids at 20 weeks and she is now eating like a champ! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me!!! Jayden was and still is a TERRIBLE eater…………and so I am chuffed! She is not sleeping through the night yet and we have had some really restless nights over the months. At the moment she will wake once for a bottle and to have her dummy put back in her mouth, which is not too bad.

Generally she is a happy easy baby and the three of us have all fallen in love with her…….I reckon she is quite happy with us too.




Spooky stuff

Something weird happened a couple of weeks ago…..

It as about 2am and we heard Kaycey crying over the baby monitor. I went into her room to check on her and she was fast a sleep with her dummy in her mouth. Ten minutes later, it happened again, and so I went in to check ….same thing, sleeping baby…..dummy in mouth. Ten minutes later, we hear crying again. So hubby goes in and encounters the same thing, but this time he checks the nursery unit of the baby monitor.

People…..the nursery unit was not even on!

We still don’t have an explanation for what happened! The weird thing is that the sound was exactly like Kaycey’s cry. It happened again two days later……in the morning ……while Kaycey was sitting on my lap!!

It hasn’t happened again since….


I have officially been back to work from Jan. This meant that we had to retrench our domestic worker and find a nanny. We haven’t had a very good track record with nannies, so this time I vowed I would interview at least five people and that hubby would interview two of the ones I liked. Thankfully we found a magnificent, wonderful nanny to look after Kaycey, which is such a relief! Previously, I have ended up with someone I don’t like…..or someone I don’t trust, and with Moyo I both like and trust her. Happy days!!!


Jayden has been great with Kaycey. Obviously there have been moments of jealously and he has had to adjust to sharing our attention, but generally things have been fine. He is quite possessive over his sister, only certain people are allowed to hold her and he gets a little upset if he sees someone he doesn’t know with her. He loves it when I bring her into his school when I collect him, and he will then show all the teachers and his friends that he now has a sister.


Two Kids!

I wont lie….its been quite an adjustment and I do think that I have a little post adoptive depression. I had it with Jayden too and so I recognize all the symptoms this time. Obviously I love my family, but I am owning the fact that this has definitely been an adjustment for me. Its one of those things that you only know about when you experience it and I do realize that in time I will find my feet and get into the flow. I am slowly getting there and I am taking care of myself…..well as much as you possibly can with two kids.

At the same time I just cant believe that I have two kids and my journey is OVER!! It took an entire decade to do this guys and its a relief that its all over!




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  1. The baby monitor thing…. no man! I would have packed up and moved out already! That is freaky! Are you sure you weren’t picking up disturbance from a neighbor using the same baby monitor frequency as you? That has happened to me before, I NEARLY shat myself.
    I’m so very happy for you Sianie!
    And Kaycey is adorable!

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