About Fertility Coaching

Fertility Coaching

As an infertility survivor and trained coach I am passionate about helping couples find balance in their journey to creating a family. Whether you are at the beginning of your journey, or you have been on this road for a while you need emotional support, and coaching is one of the solutions.

Fertility Coaching uses coaching methodologies to give you some great tools to assist you in finding balance. Having been through an eight year battle to create our family I have a deep understanding of the emotional challenges that the infertility journey brings.

What is Fertility Coaching?

Fertility Coaching is a form of coaching that focuses on the emotional challenges facing couples who are struggling to conceive. The process is facilitated by a qualified coach who will assist you to achieve your goals. A coach will never inflict their views on you or tell you what to do. We believe that the truth is within you, we just help you to discover it.

How could it benefit me?

The infertility journey is misunderstood, lonely, frustrating, confusing, personal and irritating, and it offers no guarantees! Each individual deals with their fertility reality in a different way, so what works for you may not work at all for someone else.

Your fertility specialist will take care of the technical side of your infertility, but what about the emotional side. Coaching can help you in this area, here’s how.

  • Exploring your current fertility reality.

Whether you have just started trying to conceive or if you are further down the road, exploring your current reality can really help you to gain a perspective of what you want and where you want to go. What does your diagnosis mean to you? What are the best options for you and how will they serve you in the future?

  • Supporting you emotionally

Infertility is like an emotional wrecking ball. Your fertility coach will support you and help you to explore the best options and tools to help you cope.

  • Clarifying your beliefs and expectations.

From my experience I know that my beliefs and expectations of conception, parenthood and family have been challenged in a big way. There has definitely been a change in the way that I think. A coach will walk with you in exploring how your beliefs have changed and how they have changed you.

  • Creating balance

Infertility can consume you in many ways. A coach will help you to find balance in the best way that you can.

How is it different from other therapies or services?

Coaching is different because it focuses on moving forward and focusing on issues that are in your control. We only focus on your vision and how you can reach that from where you are right now.

How many sessions would I need?

That is up to you, but coaching has been found to be most effective with a minimum of six session. Weekly or Biweekly sessions are recommended and each session is an hour in duration.

For more information contact Sian; sian@fertilitycoaching.co.za