From THAT call to now…..Part one.

As I have mentioned time has just flown by since we heard that Kaycey was joining our family. I will never forget the day we got the call from our social worker to say that Jayden was on his way and I will never forget it with Kaycey either.

From about August last year I just had the feeling that something was going to happen as far as our adoption placement was concerned, but I squashed the feeling down because I just thought I was being silly. Our social worker had told us that our wait would be long and so that is what we expected. It turned out that other people had the same feeling as me, my mom kept saying that she also had ‘a feeling’ and at Jayden’s birthday party a fellow adoptive mom said, “I just have a feeling that SHE has been born”.

On the day that we got the call I sent our social worker an e-mail to ask her how our profile was doing and if we needed to update anything. Her reply was that we just needed to be patient and wait until we had been chosen. Then, at about 3pm my phone rang! It was our social worker and I honestly didn’t think it was good news because I had received an e-mail from her that morning. As you know now it was indeed very good news and I was totally elated that it was a GIRL. We hadn’t specified that we wanted a girl, but I was REALLY hoping it would be. I wasn’t given any more detail at this point as we would receive all of the info at a matching meeting TWO DAYS LATER!

So now I had to make some phone calls! I phoned hubby, who was extremely excited (Of course) and then I tried my mom. She was at work and answered her phone but asked if she could call me back! I paced up and down my hallway a few times and decided to call Sharon who was thrilled for us! My mom eventually called back…..I called my Dad and then I called my Stepdad….everyone was thrilled…….and everyone was also sworn to secrecy. We didn’t want to tell anyone until after the matching meeting in case something went wrong.

Following the matching meeting we had to wait ten more days until we met our baby girl. It was exciting and daunting at the same time. I loved the shopping, especially the clothes shopping. I stood in front of the cute girl stuff in Edgars one afternoon and shook (seriously) with excitement and disbelief that I was actually buying girls clothes.

We cleaned all of Jayden’s old baby stuff and planned to put our baby girl in a camp cot in our room until she had settled in. At the time she was with a kangaroo mom and I had been in contact with her. She would send me daily pictures and I could see that she was being looked after very well. The kangaroo mom advised us on the Thursday before we met Kaycey that she was a very light sleeper. She said it was probably best to put her in her own room right from the start. So on the Saturday before we flew down to Cape Town we painted and set up her room. By the Sunday we were as ready as we could ever be to fly down to Cape Town and meet our second child. Or flight was the next day!!!!


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