Things I have learnt about party planning….

Just over a week ago (on heritage day), Jayden turned four. FOUR!!!

I now understand what parents mean when they say “You will always be my baby” I know he’s only four, but still……


J fourth birthday


Jayden has had an excellent year and I am so proud of him. He has become an independent, clever little sausage and his personality is just blooming. We celebrated his birthday with a party on heritage day and his best friend from school came along too. J was so excited to see her. He took her on a tour of our house and garden and they honestly stuck together like glue until it was time for her to go.

We hired a massive crocodile jumping castle with a bubble machine, which quickly turned into a water slide. The kids loved it and it was awesome for them because it was seriously HOT!!





Its my fourth year of kids party planning and seriously there are a few things that I have learnt. The party was a great success, but I reckon that I can still tweak a few things for next year. We have always had our parties at home, and each year we swear never to do it again purely because of the mess. Thank goodness I thought ahead and asked my helper to come in the next day to help me clean.

Here are a few of the other key things I have learnt.

Kids don’t care about the decorations

I spent a lot of time on handmade decorations for J’s first, second and third birthday party, but this year I went low key. I got a Minions banner and table cloth from a party shop and some yellow balloons …..that’s it! Honestly the time I spend on decorations for previous years was wasted…..nobody cares! Especially not the kids.

Sweets, chips and party packs!

This is what kids actually care about. I put out kiddies chips and sweets, as well as some cool drink……everyone helped themselves and everyone was happy. And then of course there is the essential party pack on departure.

Order snack platters for the adults

This is something I will do next year. It was heritage day so we decided to braai some boerewors rolls. They went down well, but snack platters would have been much easier. This way mom and dad can both sit down and not worry about preparing the food.

A jumping castle is always a winner

Jumping castles in all shapes and forms are always a success…..finished!

………..and those are my tips!

Phew, I have a four year old!!!


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3 thoughts on “Things I have learnt about party planning….

  1. Heather

    that’s a great idea to turn the jumping castle into a slide! Nicky loves jumping castles.

  2. Hell YES!!! Four seems much worse. LOL

  3. My kids are much older now but I so loved the birthday parties when they were small.

    I miss them.

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