Whats wrong with this year?!

It’s October already!!! There  are about eight properly productive weeks left of the year in my industry and then SA will start shutting down and going to sleep until mid January. At this time of year I start thinking back over the events, achievements and frustrations of the year and doing a bit of an evaluation.

Last year was a great year! I lost a lot of weight and I felt positive about the future. I felt like I got stuff done! I made big confident decisions and I felt very sure of myself. I entered 2015 with a great big positive attitude, ready to tackle life and grow my business……and then somehow everything fell apart! March, April, May, June, July and August were all a battle!

I have put on 4 kg’s!

I haven’t achieved what I set out to do with my business!

…….I kind of feel like this has been a year of false starts and pure survival!

Being the type A person I am, I have been quite hard on myself about it.

I find myself asking why I haven’t ……………Lost more weight, grown my business etc.

It all feels a bit meh! And a bit blegh!

How has your year been?

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2 thoughts on “Whats wrong with this year?!

  1. It’s been busy, but the good kind of busy, if that makes sense?

  2. Heather

    lots of good stuff and bad stuff too, I think that’s life hey…

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